How to accumulate bonus cash or points

You may get cash or points by recommending new users. If the users recommended by you recommend users you get points. When the recommended users buy something you get cash.

To recommend somebody or a group of people, log in and go to:

Profile => Recommend Users => Recommend New Users

Fill in with the email(s) and the security code or send an invitation to a group of people using your link

To see the available points and cash, from where you have them, the history of bonuses payments and who recommended you, go to:

Profile => Recommend Users => All Recommended Users

To see the status of the emails recommended directly by you go to:

Profile => Recommend Users => Recommended Emails

How much cash or points you can accumulate

When you recommend somebody you get 0.5 points when the respective person creates an account and 0.2 points if the respective person was not subscribed to the newsletter. One point is equivalent to one RON and these points can be used to buy cheaper or you may use them for promotions.When you view a new newsletter you get 0.2 points, and those who recommended you get 0.04 points.

You get cash and points even if you do not recommend somebody directly. When somebody that you recommended recommend somebody that is not in the system you get points. When that one buys something a fraction of that cash comes to you. Usually those that recommended indirectly get a fifth of the one that recommend directly.

When you buy something you receive 10% in points from what you pay with a minimum of 2 points. When a person that you recommended buys something you get 5% in cash of the amount the person buys and one point. The money can be used to buy something or you may get them when you have at least 100 RON.

In the next figure is presented a tree that is created by recommendations:


Let us assume that

You recommended U1,1, U1,2, U1,3, U1,4;
U1,3 recommended U2,1 si U2,2
U2,1 recommended U3,1
U2,2 recommended U3,2, U3,3, U3,4
U3,1 recommended U4,1, U4,2, U4,3

When U4,3 creates an account all from green zone get points. U3,1 gets 0.5 points; you, U1,3 and U2,1 accumulate 0.1/3 points which means 0.033 points each.

When U4,3 buys something U3,1 accumulate 5% in cash and a point. You, U1,3 and U2,1 get 1%/3 in cash from the amount the person buys and 0.2 / 3 points each.

To analyze how much cash and points you can accumulate we assume that each person recommends 3 people and the height of the tree is k.

Through recommendations as number of points you accumulate approximately Formula 1 points:

For a height of the tree of 5 you accumulate approximately 5 points.
For a height of the tree of 10 you accumulate approximately 590 points.
For a height of the tree of 15 you accumulate approximately 95660 points.

Assuming that all people that are leafs in the tree buy monthly in value of V RON then you accumulate around Formula 2 RON and Formula 3 points. For analyzing we assume that V is 10 RON. In this case:

For a height of the tree of 5 you accumulate monthly approximately 5 RON and 10 points.
For a height of the tree of 10 you accumulate monthly approximately 590 RON and 1180 points.
For a height of the tree of 15 you accumulate monthly approximately 95660 RON and 191318 points.

When you recommend a person that creates a huge tree you accumulate lots of cash and points.

Quantitative Analysis SRL reserve the right to cancel points generated with fraud or fake emails that do not belong to real people.